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"It's all about the Beer..."

Milk Street Brewery has been brewing beer since 1999, however Director Rik has been brewing beer for 30 years, since the age of 14! He brings years of experience, creativity and passion to the brewing process. With a committed team of staff, who share Rik’s love of beer, Milk Street have an exciting range of brews to suit all tastes.


Devils Backbone 4.5%

This devilish dark porter is brewed using Williamette hops & has flavours of spicy elderberry. Smooth, charming & dark as Satan’s waistcoat. Available : Oct / Nov


Brown Cow 3.8%

Rosy, Nut brown malty ale with a choice blend of American hops. Available : Jan / Feb


March Madness 4.4%

Copper in colour this is a smooth and complex beer with a malty base and rounded bitterness.                                                                     Available Feb/March


Amarillo 4.6%

Burnt Orange in colour, Brewed with American Hops, this gives the beer floral and spicy notes. Initially soft on the plate, the flavour develops to that of burnt oranges and a pleasant herbal taste. Available : March/April


Fifteen 4.8%

Colour : Blonde A delightfuly fruity beer to celebrate Milk street Brewery’s fifteenth birthday! Available : April / May  


Milk Street Raspberry Wheat 4.5%

Colour : Pale Blonde Refreshing pale wheat raspberry beer.


Ra 4.1%

Golden in colour. Named after the sun god RA this is a summer ale brewed with organic hops. Sunshine in a glass.                                                                                  Available : June / July

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Great Uncle Johns Prohibition Ale 4.6%

Red in Colour, American style beer brewed with cascade hops, packed full of Milks street’s very own family history. Available : July / Aug


Gulp IPA 4.8%

A Pale bronze traditional English IPA brewed with Fuggles and Goldings hops. This IPA has a floral hoppy flavour, refreshing spring notes and full bitterness.                                                                          Available : Sep / Oct


Winter Spice 4.9%

This delicious rich porter is brewed with coloured malts and a hint of cinnamon, a winter warmer thats perfect with a mince pie!                                      Available : Nov / Dec / Jan


Bobbled 5.5%

A golden amber beer with smooth, well abalnced fruity flavour. Ideal tipple for your Christmas parties                                                                                 Available : Dec

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